Chocolate Cake

4 mins read

Chocolate Cake :- This is my favourite chocolate cake recipe . This chocolate cake recipe will quickly become your favourite as well, thanks to its […]

Cheese Pizza

2 mins read

Cheese Pizza :- Mozzarella is frequently used on pizza, and the best buffalo mozzarella is produced in the Naples area. Other cheeses, particularly Italian cheeses […]

Sourdough Bread

7 mins read

Sourdough Bread:- Sourdough bread is created by fermenting dough with lactobacilli and yeast found in nature. Lactobacilli create lactic acid, which gives it a more […]


5 mins read

Modak :-Modak is Bhagwan Ganesha’s favourite treat, and it is prepared in many Hindu homes on Ganesh Chaturthi Day. Ukadiche modak (steamed modak), which comes […]

Apple Pie

6 mins read

Apple Pie :- Apple pie is a pie using apples as the main filling ingredient that originated in England. It’s frequently accompanied by whipped cream, […]

Chocolate Donut

2 mins read

Chocolate Donut:-Donuts that are moist and fluffy, baked rather than fried, and chock-full of chocolate. These are great for any chocoholic who wants a chocolate […]

Chocolate Modak

2 mins read

Chocolate Modak:-For Ganesh Chaturthi, the easiest chocolate modak recipe! The ultimate fusion version of the festive season doesn’t get any better than this. INGREDIENTS ⅓ […]


4 mins read

Rasgulla :- Rasgulla, sometimes known as rosogolla, is a popular Bengali dessert. This Bengali rasgulla recipe will show you how to make a spongy, soft […]

Coconut Barfi

2 mins read

Coconut Barfi :- Coconut Barfi is a classic Indian treat that is traditionally served at festivals. The word “coconut” in the title implies that this […]

Falooda Cake

3 mins read

Falooda Cake :- Falooda Cake mix with basil/chia seeds, vermicelli, dry fruits, and rose syrup, as well as fresh cream icing and one of the most popular Indian beverages, Falooda! INGREDIENTS 16.25 oz of Betty Crocker Cake Mix, Super Moist, White Flavor 1 tbsp of Rose Water ¼ tsp of Cardamom Powder ½ cup of Cooked Falooda Vermiceli […]